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Sims 2 Skins - Adult Female

Ok, since a few of you expressed interest, I went ahead and uploaded a couple of my skins. I'll be doing more soon, and will do some skins for guys and other ages as well. If you have an outfit you're dying to see as a skin, link me to some hi-res front and back pictures and i'll see what I can do. :)

Click the preview image to download the zip. All of these require mesh files, which are included in the zip. You must place both files in your downloads folder for the outfit to show up in game.

One thing to note. On the Birds and Beads outfit, the necklace does not line up perfectly in the back, and I didn't notice it until I had already imported the skin. It's not overly noticeable, and if your sim has long hair you won't see it at all.

I'll also upload some more HP stuff for your sims at some point, but i'm still trying to find meshes that look more like wizarding robes.

As for rules, the only thing I ask is you don't redistribute or recolor these, or upload them to the Exchange.

Edit: Forgot to add, meshes from the first 7 skins from simchic.com. Mesh for the robe from modthesims2.com.
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