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Harry Potter - Trio - The Castles We Built

I figured it was about time I actually got the artwork for this mix done, since i've had everything else done for oh...months. Anyway, this mix is basically a 7th year, horcrux hunt type-thing. It's semi shippy, but not over the top, I don't think.

Song List:

1.) Snow Patrol - Whatever's Left
It's the same thing again / But it could become a problem if / We don't deal with it now / Can you read my mind so easily / As the madness sets in

2.) Jars of Clay - Goodbye, Goodnight
Say a prayer for recognition / kiss the ones you love / Gather up the ammunition / sigh for all the lost

3.) Rilo Kiley - The Absence of God
I've watched him while sleeping and seen him crying with closed eyes / And you're not happy but you're funny and I'm tripping over my joy

4.) Ben Lee - Apple Candy
Cos I know you made a promise / and told him he's your lover / make me feel the same

5.) Imogen Heap - Closing In
Takes me back / I remember / Such a magical place / It was all you...

6.) Vienna Teng - Between
we are the same but our lives move along / and the third one between replaces what once was love

7.) Regina Spektor - Us
They made a statue of us / Our noses have begun to rust / We're living in a den of thieves / Rummaging for answers in the pages

8.) Matt Costa - Wash Away
The castles we built were so tall / They only left us further to fall / And still I see them far away / But maybe we'll come back someday

Download full zip (38mb) here. Right Click, Save As please.

Edit: Added a wallpaper since you all seem to like the art so much. :)

Tags: fanmixes, hp, wallpaper
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